Tamara Yerofeyeva - Rhythmic Gymnast

Best Show in Vegas

Born and raised in Ukraine, Tamara Yerofeyeva started working towards her extraordinary athletics career at a young age. As opposed to her girlfriends, as a child Tamara spent her free time perfecting her craft. Typical activities for girls her age like movie dates and sleepovers with friends weren’t for this girl; Tamara had a dream of making it to the gymnastics championships in Madrid and was going to stop at nothing until she got there. Achieving her long-time goal, Tamara ended up receiving first place standings in the championships and even choreographed her own solo acts.

Ranking 6th in the Rhythmic Gymnastics category at the Sydney Olympics, the gold medal performer brought something to her athletics that no other gymnast in her field did: emotion. Tamara isn’t just performing a routine when she is on stage, Tamara is showing audiences raw emotion and everything that she feels at that moment in time. This drive and emotion eventually led her to the states where she began performing in numerous Las Vegas productions on the Strip. Tamara can now be seen performing every night in V – The Ultimate Variety Show!

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