Turf - The Contortionist

Turf - The Contortionist

Contortionism is an art form in and of itself. When you throw in having to keep time to music, it adds a whole new dynamic to the art. Alonzo Jones, also known as “Turf”, knew he was destined to do something unique with his life. After watching the movie “You Got Served”, Turf was determined to teach himself the ways of contortionist dancing.

Contrary to what his mother had in mind for him, Turf spent his days practicing the style of dance until he had perfected it. After realizing his passion for contortionist dancing would never be accepted, he left his house and went out on his own to pursue his dreams. Living on the streets of San Francisco, he heard about what would soon be his calling to fame. America’s Got Talent was auditioning in the area and Turf wouldn’t miss his shot to make it on the show. After auditioning and judges heard his miraculous story, he made it.

Once viewers saw him on the show, it was clear why he gained his fan base. Audiences were wowed by Turf’s miraculous strength and endless positivity throughout the show. Now Turf performs nightly in V – The Ultimate Variety Show, displaying one of the most unique performances to grace a Las Vegas stage.

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