Shirley Larible - Aerial Strap Artist

Shirley Larible, Aerial Strap Artist

Aerial strap artist Shirley Larible is an eighth-generation circus performer who took to the stage when she was just three years old.

Using her strength, grace and precision, Shirley performs a series of routines and stunts while suspended high above the stage.

She’s trained with some of the most prestigious aerial coaches in the industry including Victor Fomine in Montreal. In addition to her exceptional aerial artistry, she’s also a technically-trained dancer who studied under world-renowned choreographer, Alexander Doubrovski, in Paris.

Shirley literally grew up under the big top - Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus was her home for 15 years.

Although she now calls Las Vegas home, Shirley has worked all over the world including Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Amsterdam. She has dedicated her life to show business and feels blessed to do what she’s always loved.

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