Russ Merlin - Prop Comedian

Russ Merlin - Prop Comedian

Where can you see clown masks and comedy all in one act? Russ Merlin has worked years to become one of the world’s most well-known entertainers. Having performed everywhere from private parties, to numerous countries around the world, to a performance for the Queen of England, Russ Merlin is easily one of the most respected entertainers in his field.

Calling the state of Long Island, New York his hometown, Russ Merlin took his knack for comedy and expanded it to perform everywhere from cruise ships, to Carnegie Hall! Combining silly props with a few unique stunts, Russ worked to create a routine that would eventually lead him to become the first American in over 25 years with the honor of performing at the Water Festivals in Cambodia and Laos.

Not only has Merlin had the privilege of working with celebrities like Bob Hope, Joan Rivers, and Rod Stewart, but his list of clients in the corporate world include that of BMW, Sony, and Intel. Russ Merlin can be see live, every night, in Las Vegas in V – The Ultimate Variety Show!

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