The Quiddlers - "The International Ambassadors of Physical Comedy"

Show in Las Vegas

The act of physical comedy is a complicated type of comedy for any comic to achieve. The timing and effort that goes into the art form to get a laugh from an audience is something that doesn’t come easy for most. This group of three talented men started in college and have now hit the peak of their career. The Quiddlers, or formerly known as the “Marauding Miners”, first came on the scene in 1986 on a public access program called “Waterford Tonight”, in Michigan.

After their appearance, the group won a contest where they received an invitation from Dick Clark’s son to appear again, on television, on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon in Las Vegas. Some of the original members were forced to disband from the group in order to pursue their college career path. After the group was left with the three, original founding members, the name "The Quiddlers" was decided on as the group’s new name. By definition, a "Quiddler" is "a person or persons who have no real job or means of living".

The group performed in numerous variety shows and television shows. After two more of the members left the group, the group’s only original founding member Paul Ebejer took it upon himself to pursue the future of the hilarious act. After many years of hard work and finding two new group members, The Quiddlers created a modern twist on vaudevillian entertainment. The Quiddlers now perform live, every night in V – The Ultimate Variety Show.

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