Meet Our Cast

Wally Eastwood

Wally Eastwood - World's Fastest Juggler

Wally Eastwood is the longest playing comedy juggler in Las Vegas’ history. Born into a sixth-generation family of acrobatic trapeze artists, he began charming audiences at the age of 7. At some point though, Wally decided he felt safer with his feet on the ground than flying through the air and turned to juggling. Throughout his entertainment career, Wally has performed in more than 25 countries. Besides being quick with his hands, Wally also has the unique ability to connect with ANY audience which is not an easy task for an entertainer.

The Crazy Gauchos

The Crazy Gauchos - Stand-up Comedians

The former “Los Latin Cowboys” first hit the Las Vegas entertainment scene in SPLASH at the former Riviera Hotel & Casino. Eduardo Lome and Hugo Latorre’s routine is a take on the South American Gaucho - considered the culture’s version of a cowboy. This type of entertainment dates back to the days of the Spanish Conquistadores. Two Gauchos would compete against each other in a routine involving a drum and a “boleadoras,” (a hunting weapon made of two ropes with a stone ball at the end). “The Crazy Gauchos” push this custom to the limit drawing audience members into a hilarious battle to be the best.

The Skating Aratas

The Skating Aratas - Skating Daredevil Duo

Victor and Jenny Arata, better known as “The Skating Aratas,” met many years ago when Victor was looking for his next partner in the world of stunt skating. Both were thrown into the circus business at a young age. Jenny started attending circus school at 15-years-old while Victor grew up in a family of circus performers. Victor and his sister worked to create a death-defying skating routine. When the family duo decided to pursue their own careers, Victor had to find a new partner. That’s when he met Jenny who became his partner-in-crime on and off the stage. “The Skating Aratas” have been featured on many national television shows including Ellen.

Iouri & Gabor

Iouri & Gabor - Hand Balancing

OOriginally from Europe, this former Ringling Brother’s hand-balancing act has traveled with some of the most famous circus groups in the world! The two have performed in many Las Vegas shows, and after partnering up more than a decade ago, are still going strong with one of the best hand-balancing routines ever! Both performers began training at a very early age. Iouri attended an acrobat school in Russia, eventually earning a spot in the Moscow Circus. Gabor developed his skills in Budapest, Hungary. He was a member of the Hungarian International Circus and made his way to the U.S after receiving the Ringling Price Award.

Amped - Aerialists

Amped - Aerialists

Margarita and Iurie are aerial artists from Russia and Moldova. Both from circus families, the duo has traveled with some of the top circuses around the world. Margarita got her start at the Rostov Youth Circus Arts Center. She studied Aerialist Performing and created an act titled, “Kaleidoscope” which toured places as far as Italy, Norway and The Netherlands. Iurie and Margarita also starred in Cirque Du Soleil’s Viva Elvis for the duration of the show’s run and have appeared in other large-scale productions on the Las Vegas Strip.

Russ Merlin

Russ Merlin - Prop Comedian

Having performed everywhere from private parties to numerous countries around the world, Russ Merlin is easily one of the most respected entertainers in his field. Russ combines silly props with unique stunts in a routine that eventually led him to become the first American in 25 years to perform at the Water Festivals in Cambodia and Laos. Calling the state of Long Island, New York his hometown, Russ has taken the stage everywhere from cruise ships to Carnegie Hall and proudly calls Las Vegas home.

Tamara Yerofeyeva

Tamara Yerofeyeva - Rhythmic Gymnast

Born and raised in Ukraine, Tamara started training at a young age. As a child, she dreamed of making it to the gymnastics championships in Madrid and was going to stop at nothing until she got there. Achieving her long-time goal, Tamara ended up receiving first place standings and even choreographed her own solo acts. Ranking 6th in the Rhythmic Gymnastics category at the Sydney Olympics, the gold medal performer brings something to her athletics that no other gymnast in her field does: emotion. Tamara isn’t just performing a routine when she’s on stage, she’s expressing everything she feels at that moment.


The Quiddlers - Ambassadors of Physical Comedy

Chances are, you’ve never seen anything like “The Quiddlers.” They’ve recreated Vaudeville–style entertainment with a modern twist making them the most famous figures in pantomime on the planet! Formerly known as the “Marauding Miners,” the trio puppeteers costumes resembling little people (using their arms as the legs) and puts on a series of hilarious, animated acts. In addition to stage work, “The Quiddlers” have appeared on national television shows including America’s Got Talent and I Think I Can Do That.

Anastasini Brothers - Extreme Gymnasts & Guinness World Record Holders

Anastasini Brothers - Extreme Gymnasts

Fabio and Giuliano are 9th generation circus performers.They’re descendants of the Anastasini family, an Italian dynasty of traveling entertainers which included hand-balancers, jugglers, and acrobats. The circus line began in the 19th century with Circo Anastasini in Italy. The duo landed in the Guinness Book of World Records for performing the “Most Risley Flips in 30 Seconds” - an amazing 32 full rotations. For those unfamiliar with the circus trick, the Risley Flip is a ground acrobatics move where one person lies on a surface as the base, supporting the flyer with their feet. Once the flyer is in position, the base acrobat flips the flyer 360 degrees with a foot maneuver.

Shirley Larible - Aerial Strap Artist

Shirley Larible - Aerial Strap Artist

Shirley Larible has trained with some of the most prestigious aerial coaches in the industry including Victor Fomine in Montreal. In addition to her exceptional aerial artistry, she’s also a technically-trained dancer who studied under world-renowned choreographer, Alexander Doubrovski, in Paris. Shirley literally grew up under the big top - Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus was her home for 15 years. Although she now calls Las Vegas home, Shirley has worked all over the world including Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Amsterdam. She has dedicated her life to show business and feels blessed to do what she’s always loved.

Yasu Yoshikawa - Spinning Wheel Artist

Yasu Yoshikawa - Spinning Wheel Artist

Yasuaki Yoshikawa is a world champion wheel gymnast from Japan and one of the newest cast members of V - The Ultimate Variety Show. Yasu keeps audience members on the edge of their seats pulling off amazing on-stage stunts, while weaving in his own unique style of comedy. He took up the sport while studying in college and liked it so much he didn't want to quit after graduation. It was then Yasu decided to try to make a living doing what he loved. After college, he continued his training while working as a teacher in Nara, Japan and began introducing local residents to wheel gymnastics. Throughout his career, Yasu has won 11 World Championship titles.