The Crazy Gauchos of V - The Ultimate Variety Show

The Crazy Gauchos

The former ‘Los Latin Cowboys’ were first seen on stage by Las Vegas audiences in the show SPLASH at the former Riviera Hotel and Casino. Eduardo Lome and Hugo Latorre’s routine is a take on that of the South American Gaucho. A “gaucho” is considered the culture’s version of a cowboy.

This type of entertainment dates back to the days of the Spanish Conquistadores. Two Gauchos would perform and compete against each other in a routine involving a drum and a ‘boleadoras’ (a hunting weapon made of two separate ropes with a stone ball at the end). During the Crazy Gauchos’ routine, they bang the drums, and swing the boleadoras, creating loud rhythmic beats for audiences.

Combining this traditional type of entertainment with audience participation and some comedy here and there, it’s no wonder why The Crazy Gauchos are one of the favorite acts of V – The Ultimate Variety Show.

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