Amped - Aerialists of V - The Ultimate Variety Show

Amped - Aerial

Amped is an aerialist act hailing from Russia and Moldova. The duo is a couple both on, as well as off stage. Both from circus families and working from the age of seven-years-old, both Margarita and Iurie have traveled with some of the top traveling circuses to countries all around the world. The team has worked to create and exciting, as well as unique, act for audiences.

Margarita trained her whole life in the art of circus performing, getting her start at the Rostov Youth Circus Arts Center. She studied aerialist performing and created an act with two partners in which she named Kaleidoscope. The act traveled all over the world to places as far as Italy, Norway, and The Netherlands.

She has received many honors, including having her act featured at the 5th Moscow Circus Festival, as well as being casted in a Cirque Du Soleil show called “Zed” which opened in Japan. Iurie and Margarita married in 2009 and have been working together ever since. The two previously appeared in the Cirque Du Soleil production Viva Elvis in Las Vegas, staying the duration of the show’s run, and have also appeared in other productions on the Las Vegas Strip. Margarita and Iurie now call V – The Ultimate Variety Show their home and will fly over the heads of audience members in their visually stunning performance!

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